Frontrunners Conference

March 21, 2025

Announcement! We are on for March 21, 2025! This time, we will have the auditorium in addition to the large ballroom, so we will be bigger and better than ever! Our CFP is already open, and tickets sales will be posted very soon!

Frontrunners is a JavaScript and web developers conference held annually in the Washington, DC area. We feature a full day of interesting presentations from excellent speakers on a variety of topics of interest to web developers.

Come discover how the best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions for the web. Network with other DC area web developers, and discuss the newest emerging trends and techniques.

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Our CFP is open! We expect over 250 developers to attend Frontrunners. This is a great opportunity to reach a large and influential audience of DC web developers, and have a great time, too!


Frontrunners 2025 will be held at GMU's Van Metre Hall in Arlington, Virginia, a fantastic facility for both speakers and attendees.

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Frontrunners 2024 was Awesome!

Frontrunners 2024 was a blast, even bigger and better than 2023! Thank you to all of our speakers, attendees, volunteers and sponsors for making it fantastic! To see for yourself, check out our 2024 Videos.

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8:30 AM
9:30 AM
Brian ChildressSimplicity: The Key to Software Success — Room 126
In a world dominated by cutting-edge technologies and complex systems, it is easy to overlook the power of simplicity in software. Let’s explore the benefits of simple software with real-world examples to uncover how simplicity can be a game-changer for developers, businesses, and end-users alike.
10:10 AM
10:30 AM
Jessica KerrObservability for the Front End — Room 126
Back end developers are lucky. They benefit from recent advances in observability: tasty distributed traces with OpenTelemetry, the modern open-source standard. What does OpenTelemetry have for the front end? Some magic, and some opportunities.
Chris LorenzoSolidJS: The Universal Renderer — Room 125
SolidJS is the fastest frontend framework available with a programming style similar to React. Signals, JSX, Reactivity and Server side rendering - Solid has it all – including a Universal Renderer. Get an intro to Solid and how learn how I used Solid as a render for LightningJS (a webgl renderer).
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
Jen Ozmen and Aaron ShimTrusted Types: DOM XSS Protection at Scale — Room 126
DOM XSS is the most critical threat to frontend web security and Trusted Types is the only solution that has worked at scale to prevent these attacks. We will discuss how this browser-based security mitigation protects billions of our users and makes the entire JS ecosystem safer.
Tim SimmsSpinning up Node.js in the Browser — Room 125
We’ve come a long way since the ’90s workflow of FTPing files up to a dev server. But with the complexity of modern dev environments, it’s increasingly hard to collaborate on code. We’ll introduce web containers as a mind-bending approach to running entire dev stack entirely within the browser.
12:00 PM
Lunch Break
1:15 PM
Jacob Yacovelli and Laura KingSimpler Enterprise Angular Components with Smart Directives — Room 126
Are your smart components overburdened by observable logic? Do you have to manually control change detection in your Angular components? Would you like to separate out observable logic by shareable functionality? Then smart directives might be the solution for you!
M. Scott FordLessons Learned Migrating from Jekyll to Next.js with Help from Playwright — Room 125
There are a lot of sites out there that were built with Jekyll, and those folks may be looking at newer frameworks like Next.js and curious about how to make the switch. Learn the tips and techniques for making the switch, including using Playwright for visual regression testing.
1:45 PM
2:00 PM
Michael SchoonmakerWe're Snaking it Live! — Room 126
Your 5th grade math teacher was wrong: playing Snake CAN be good for you! Multiplayer Snake—Battlesnake—is an accessible crucible to flex our JavaScript muscles against a welcoming community of bots written in C++, Rust and even Bash. And we’ll have fun doing it, together, LIVE.
Dillon MulroyMelange: The Next Frontier in Type-Safe Web Development — Room 125
Join me as I dive into Melange, a hopeful game-changer in type-safe web development and spiritual successor to BuckleScript/ReasonML. My talk will shed light on how it adeptly combines OCaml’s robust and iron-clad type system with near seamless JavaScript interoperability.
2:40 PM
3:10 PM
Jim BeckerEASILY level up your website using the ChatGPT API and NextJS — Room 126
In this talk, we’ll show how to integrate your web app with the ChatGPT API. We’ll show examples of how to provide easy insights and analytics for your users with almost no effort. We’ll create a chatgpt account, go over pricing, and go over examples of different API prompts you can use with various pieces of data to provide users with awesome analytics and almost no code. Leveling the app up for free!
Nathan E. LillyHand-coded Artisanal Data-Visualization — Room 125
You might not need d3. Understanding how to write SVGs by hand has a number of benefits, performance, optimization, and (when you really understand what the code is doing) the ability to use JavaScript to create, update, and interact with SVGs.
3:40 PM
Short Break
3:50 PM
Shri KhalpadaWhere Numbers Meet Art: Building Data Visualizations In The Modern Web — Room 126
As web developers, many of us have worked with charts before. How can we take them to the next level? Join Shri Khalpada, co-founder of PerThirtySix and a full-stack veteran working deeply in data, as he shares practical advice on how we can go from something generic to something captivating!
Alec BarrettBuild your own devtools — Room 125
A great thing about being a software engineer is that you can build your own tools. But how do you know if it’s worth taking the time to build one? And how do you scale this across multiple engineers and teams? Learn how we’re promoting a devtools culture among frontend engineers at Datadog!
4:30 PM
Happy Hour at Spider Kelly's bar!
3181 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

2024 Speakers

Jen Ozmen

Trusted Types: DOM XSS Protection at Scale

Chris Lorenzo

SolidJS: The Universal Renderer

Jim Becker

EASILY level up your website using the ChatGPT API and NextJS

Tim Simms

Spinning up Node.js in the Browser

Jacob Yacovelli

Simpler Enterprise Angular Components with Smart Directives

Jessica Kerr

Observability for the Front End

Aaron Shim

Trusted Types: DOM XSS Protection at Scale

M. Scott Ford

Lessons Learned Migrating from Jekyll to Next.js with Help From Playwright

Nathan E. Lilly

Hand-coded Artisanal Data-Visualization

Laura King

Simpler Enterprise Angular Components with Smart Directives

Brian Childress

Simplicity: The Key to Software Success

Alec Barrett

Build your own devtools

Shri Khalpada

Where Numbers Meet Art: Building Data Visualizations In The Modern Web

Dillon Mulroy

Melange: The Next Frontier in Type-Safe Web Development

Michael Schoonmaker

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