Frontrunners Conference

March 8, 2024

Frontrunners is a JavaScript and web developers conference held annually in the Washington, DC area. We feature a full day of interesting presentations from excellent speakers on a variety of topics of interest to web developers.

Come discover how the best minds use the latest technologies to build solutions for the web. Network with other DC area web developers, and discuss the newest emerging trends and techniques.


We are very happy to announce that tickets to Frontrunners 2024 are available now.


This year, we added Community Tickets. For each one sold, Frontrunners will also award a free ticket to one of our diversity scholarship applicants, available to members of communities typically underrepresented in tech. We will post an application form in January. Please consider purchasing one of those, instead of our normal ticket, and help us expand the tech community.


Our CFP is closed and speaker selection is underway. Check back soon. We will begin posting speakers as they are notified and confirmed.

2024 Speakers

NOTE: Our speaker list is subject to change. We are still confirming and announcing speakers.

Jen Ozmen

Trusted Types: DOM XSS Protection at Scale

Chris Lorenzo

SolidJS: The Universal Renderer

Jim Becker

EASILY level up your website using the ChatGPT API and NextJS

Tim Simms

Spinning up Node.js in the Browser

Jacob Yacovelli

Simpler Enterprise Angular Components with Smart Directives

Jessica Kerr

Observability for the Front End

M. Scott Ford

Lessons Learned Migrating a Static Website from Jekyll to Next.js with Help From Playwright

Nathan E. Lilly

Hand-coded Artisanal Data-Visualization

Laura King

Simpler Enterprise Angular Components with Smart Directives

Brian Childress

Simplicity: The Key to Software Success

Alec Barrett

Build your own devtools

Shri Khalpada

Where Numbers Meet Art: Building Data Visualizations In The Modern Web

Dillon Mulroy

Melange: The Next Frontier in Type-Safe Web Development

Michael Schoonmaker

We're Snaking it Live!